Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Potential Dad of the Year!

So last weekend me, the wife, and some friends decided to load up and go to the Dallas Arboretum so we could cross it off our Dallas Bucket list. If you have not been yet, put it on your list, it's very cool. However, like everything else when dealing with a place open to the public, you always encounter some form of ....

On this particular day we ran into a candidate for Dad of the Year.

One of the permanent displays at the Dallas Arboretum is the toad fountain. You can approach the fountain four different ways. All four entry points have this sign.

This sign applies to everyone except this guy and his little snowflakes. They must be from Rowlett.

After helping the little one climb to the top of the slippery wet toad fountain, he shows this one (below) how he can use his hands to redirect the stream of water at unsuspecting people who were snapping photos of children and pretty much minding their own business! What a special father-son bonding moment that was!

I'm Special! Thanks Daddy!


Cyd said...

This one calls for a choice of "ridiculous" or "eye roll" as a reaction. Idiocracy is perfect for them!

Dr. J said...

In all fairness, the sign is sort of small. Also, apparently if you have a kid these days it entitles you to do just about anything you want for 'their' sake. I'm thinking of having a kid myself just so I can get into a Cowboy Game for free.