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Pimps and Taxes....welcome to Houston!

Cool image from Google Earth

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Frat Boyz Gone Wild!

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Prestige Rankings: Nos. 1-5

1. Oklahoma Sooners

Total points: 1,968
Positives: When you look at the big picture of college football since 1936, no program has achieved greatness as consistently as Oklahoma. We didn't even count the fact that Oklahoma owns the longest win streak in FBS history (47) or leads the nation with a .765 winning percentage since World War II. The 1956 Oklahoma team catapulted the Sooners past Notre Dame to the top of the Prestige Rankings, and it's been in the top spot ever since. OU's seven national titles have spanned four decades. The Sooners have finished in the final poll's top 5 an astounding 29 times. But the real fuel for OU's rise to the top of our rankings has been its conference dominance. The Sooners finished the regular season with at least a share of their conference's best record a stunning 39 times, seven more than any other program in the country.
Negatives: Oklahoma was downright mediocre in the '90s. The Sooners ranked 51st in that decade's rankings, directly behind Hawaii. OU also didn't have a single major bowl win and suffered through three losing seasons. The Oklahoma program also has been punished by the NCAA to varying degrees six separate times in its history.
Through the decades: Through 1958: 1st | 1968: 1st | 1978: 1st | 1988: 1st | 1998: 1st
Did you know? Oklahoma has been voted the No. 1 team in the country by the AP a record 97 times, including twice this past season to break a tie with Notre Dame.

Fireman Saves Puppies! Awwwwwww!

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UPS Inadvertently Busts Mail Order Pot Scheme By Delivering Brick Of Marijuana To Wrong Address

By Alex Chasick, 11:32 AM on Thu Jan 15 2009, 5,951 views

UPS delivered a package to a Texas man expecting some tools he had ordered. Instead, the man found a 30-pound brick of marijuana.
Apparently, the package had a Dallas address. It wasn't valid, so UPS assumed the shipper meant Denton, 40 miles away (come on, they both start with a D, whatever), and dropped it off there. The police are investigating.
Meanwhile, no word on whether the man ever got his tools. Somewhere in Dallas, a stoner is building a loft.

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Here's a show I would watch!

Sillier Mexican Americans

Tales of the 'losing it.'

Dallas police: Man intentionally crashed into lawyer's Porsche

3:50 PM Mon, Jan 12, 2009 |
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Rubio Salvador.jpgSalvador Ernesto Rubio, 19, (right) faces charges of aggravated assault with a vehicle after a weird incident Saturday afternoon.

Dallas police say Rubio was driving a black 2005 Toyota Corolla when he passed a convertible green 2009 Porsche Carrera waiting to pull onto Harry Hines Boulevard.

Police say Rubio slammed on his brakes, did two u-turns, and then made a hard right turn across two lanes of traffic before finally crashing into the Porsche.

"Did you try to hit me?" the Porsche's driver asked.

"Yes, because you are rich," Rubio replied, according to police. He was arrested at the scene.

The Porsche's driver was high-powered lawyer Irwin F. Sentilles III. A female relative was in the passenger seat. No one was injured.

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Karma is a bitch

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Get your Car insurance

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