Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Space X does another test of the 10 story tall Grasshopper! Video is from a Hexacoptor hovering above.

Parents are Crayon about the curriculum shakeup!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Rant

I have to say the high drama coming out of our nation’s capitol is the best fake Reality TV since MTV’s Jersey Shores. The Republicants and the Demotards have basically gone full frontal on the American people. Politicians know that we no longer get our news from the 4th estate, but from an a la carte menu of our choosing, most of us use a red or blue filter to get our news. I know people who only listen to MSNBC or FOX and think they are getting the whole story. One sees a glass half full, the other see a solo cup full of piss, they don’t even realize they are seeing the same thing because of the perverted views they are comfortable digesting on a daily basis. One of the so called cable news network’s claims to be in the middle but still panders to the sound bites on either side.

 What really set me off was the whole WW II Memorial fake closure. Think about this, a monument with no entrance or exit that has been accessible to anyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, suddenly has temporary barriers surrounding it with extra Park Police patrolling during a shutdown. Are these Park Police now essential? No, this allows the Red filter operatives and the Blue filter operatives to show up with cameras record the narrative they want to project to the respective bases and everyone wins! They both produce content from the WW II Memorial that will bolster the point of view they claim to represent. Do you think the “elected” congress and senate members care about the old men in wheel chairs??????

If I was in charge of this production, I would have put up scaffolding around the Washington Monument, and hung tarps to obscure the view of the obelisk, or at least had those park police wander the mall and threaten to fine anyone that looked up at the monument. I would have hung tarps across the front of the Lincoln memorial preventing sheepeople from seeing Old Abe sitting in his chair. This would have allowed congress/senate men and women another venue to pull back the curtain allowing constituents to get a glimpse of our glorious past.

 Our two major parties have been taken over by a few billionaires, a couple of Oil and Gas Brothers on the Right, and a Currency Speculator on the Left, all very successful people with a vision of what they want the country to become. If you are sick of this, then you have one very large pill to swallow….don’t vote for any incumbent… period…no questions asked. The Congressional and Senate districts have been gerrymander so they will continue to send a red or blue filter candidate back to Washington. Break the pattern and vote for the other guy, or at least a third party candidate. The more I’s, L’s, or G’s we get into Washington the better. For those of you that don’t know the I’s are true Independents, the L’s are Libertarians, and the G’s are Green Party candidates…hopefully not too many G’s, but any change is good!