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Pastor with a sense of humor

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Camo for the ladies!

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Bacon is meat candy!

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Stimulus FAIL!!!

Remember back during the great panic the government was pushing the idea to start funding "shovel ready projects" around the country to re-build bridges, highways, and other municipal projects that no money was available for? To appease everyone some compromises had to be made. Small towns, and I mean SMALL towns, some with less than a few hundred residents were going to get some updated sidewalks that would finally meet ADA requirements. Nice idea on the surface, but just like everything the government is involved with, the outcome was...well...less than ideal. Below are some photos of some sidewalks built in small towns in Oklahoma.

This sidewalk was cut across a local street for some reason, the town will now have to deal with maintaining the asphalt on either side for years to come. Why they didn't stop the sidewalk at the edge of the street like most sidewalks is a question only the Federal Redundancy Department of Redundancy can answer.

After one government agency put in this sidewalk, another government agency said it has to be torn out and redone because this sidewalk is not immediately adjacent to the building's wall as regulations require. Wouldn't it be easier to knock the building over with a feather? Better yet, why didn't they use the money to restore the building so someone could occupy it and possibly SELL STUFF!

Remember the Bridge to nowhere in Alaska? Here we have a sidewalk to NOWHERE! Looks like you could go fishing off the end, maybe it's for tourism.

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