Friday, February 29, 2008

Way to Go Emma!

Express News we gotta call you out on this one, what's with this picture?

Clemens Cancels Camp Appearance

Last seen reading prison shanks for dummies.

And you thought your boss was the biggest jerk on the planet.

Come back to Texas and enjoy your senior year, you look fine to us.

On the hot seat for sitting the Kidd!

The site is registered to Don Nelson.

It's old, it's from the Onion,

But it's still funny.

He'll learn how to flip in prison!

Nothing good comes from reality TV.

Didn't your daddy teach you anything?

You cook meth in the middle of nowhere because it STINKS! On a side note nothing good ever happens at a motel 6.

Your precious little snowflake is in the big house.

One truck load of playstations should solve this problem.

UTEP Students still hoping for a party this weekend.

Tough job.


Strange...stay classy San Antonio.

Chase suspect wanted in Bellaire.

Will Smith has no comment.

Austin Still Weird.

Lawyers, Jewelry Channel, Truckers and Hookers.

Need more proof?

Big and Brass.

It's official, Australians are international Texans

Happy birthday to me.

I'll take a number 3 with diet Pepsi...

And 13 pound of Cocaine, to go.

Party in the Cliff Continues.

The cliff, the cliff, the cliff is still on fire!

The chick channel is making a movie about the McKinney Cheerleaders

"Were not making this movie to judge anyone."...."Sorry I can't keep a straight face when I say that...yes we are passing judgment on people...come on this is Lifetime!"

Abilene says If you pee wash your hands or...

Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reporter falls Bass Aackwards into a story.

Roll the tape.

Etta Warman is embarrassed I say, EMBARRASSED with the quality of a play she attended so.....

She decides to violate federal copyright laws. Hey Hey Hey the RIAA is on the way!

Are you really that hard up for money to buy Meth?

Darwin would be proud.

Texans Guns 4x4 and Beer

Do I really need to say any more? Just click here.

Keep Austin Weird!

You should know better than to walk around with an egg salad sandwich. Obama girl already on her way to Texas.

The new iGun from Apple.

Those Crafty Croats with their Croatian language.

Texas and Kansas Soft on Crime

Kentucky be HARD CORE!

Confused vandals spray paint Obama HQ in Tyler

Obama girl dispatched to calm things down.

Spring Break, Holy Week and South Padre!

Can't wait for the Girls Gone Wild video for this year!

Are ya 18?

Here drink this.

Knives, Medication, and a Go-Carts!

There is some Stabbing going on in East Texas!

The big party planned this weekend by UTEP Students has been cancelled.

What where they thinking?


The border is a dangerous place!

Bad news for the Wooping crane.

But the article is funny because they use the word erected.

250,000 Acres torched in West Texas!

Both people evacuated.

Sappy but it is good news

Apply hero tag for our Vet.

Party in the Cliff!

The cliff the cliff the cliff is on fire!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If a train wrecks and no one is around does it make a noise?

Alpine Texas evacuated!

Highland Park Women Stop Speaking!

Blame it on global warming.

Rich Oklahoma State Grad Contributes to Dallas.

Thanks Mr. Pickens!

I wonder if this was a union job!

Good thing she wasn't a pilot.

Campaigning in El Paso is a contact sport.

Vote early and often.

You have kidney stones? I'm gonna kick your @$$!

Mommy makes me proud at my Little Dribblers basketball game.

Ok so maybe not everyting is bigger in Texas.

But it's a big idea!

Austin Police Dept Looking for a few good detectives.

Happy ending?

We don't need no stinking railroads.

The redundancy department of redundancy has strong mojo in Texas.

Rangers already mathematically eliminated from Playoffs.

Baseball as usual in Arlington Tx.

The house that Homer Simpson built